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Dr. Dana Reece

Creating space for people to step into the fullness of all they can be and do.

Inner Space Techniques

Private, one on one sessions allowing clients to source deeply held blocks and issues that may be holding them back.


Public and private kundalini yoga classes and sessions.


Writing/editing consultation, ghostwriting, workshops, and classes.

Regular Workshop Offerings


Interested in having Dana at your next training or immersion, or hosting one of her workshops for your own clientele? Here is a sample of regular offerings. Custom offerings are also available. Email for more information.


These offerings are available from 2 to 6 hour timeframes, depending on your group’s needs and objectives.

Death, Opening, and the Power of Shadow.

We are none of us immune to death. We can pretend it doesn’t touch our lives. We can avoid the deeply ill and dying by turning away. We can put on a smile and pretend all is well. But still, it’s there, and gazing fearlessly into the eyes of death can create huge openings in our lives.

Opening to death is opening to life and serves as the alternative to remaining locked in a hopeless embrace with fear.

When the fear of death has no hold over us, we are free to live more fully.

We will explore our relationship with death and opening through kundalini yoga meditations, pranayama, and creative writing.

Transformation Through Writing: The Power of Belief 

In this workshop, we will explore the power core belief systems often have over us, whether to propel us forward toward unlimited possibilities, or to hold us back, keeping us small and rigidly confined. If we believe it, does that make it true? Many of our core beliefs are never questioned; some of them are so entrenched we don’t even think of them as beliefs but as realities. However, how “real” are they? Are there ways they might be limiting us?

There’s compelling research around this topic. I have addressed this concept conventionally (through training with folks like Tony Robbins years ago) and unconventionally (through nearly 2 decades of meditation and inner alchemical work, augmented by a decade of yogic practice.) The concept of belief is fascinating; there is always more to see around us. Let’s discuss it and write about it to determine what feels true for us. A single, universal truth may be much too simple…

We will utilize the technology of Kundalini yoga, pranayama, and meditation as well as writing in order to source the power our our own belief systems. No yoga, meditation, writing experience is necessary.

Transformation Through Writing: Growth, Fear, and Intuition

Fear. Nothing can stop us from being all we can be in the way that fear can. Yet there is no growth without facing it, and intuition is the perfect tool to help us navigate the path from fear to growth.

We will utilize the technology of Kundalini pranayama and meditation as well as writing in order to source some of the ways we can sharpen our intuition and thus position ourselves to be and do more. No yoga, meditation, or writing experience is necessary.

Honoring your Soul’s Journey: Transformation through Writing:

In this drop-in 8 event series we will examine writing as a transformative tool for bringing us more fully into our own versions of authenticity, vulnerability, accountability, and community. If you’re working on a writing project, wanting to start one, or simply longing to connect with your own voice, come and engage with us.

Attend any one or all. Each class will begin with a short tune-in and meditation, along with setting the intentions for the evening. Then, we will write, share and grow!


1: Why Write? The Transformative Power of Writing:  Explore writing as a tool, identifying ways that it can help us unearth wantings, reflect upon and grow from past traumas and successes, and document all we are, have been, and can be.

2: What’s Your Story? Elements of Personal Narrative:  Strengthen the tools of developing a successful personal narrative, including exploring

  • the power of sensory detail,
  • the elements of characterization, and why they apply even in non-fiction, and
  • the importance of transitions and time/space development

3: The Power of Sharing:  We will do a series of focused brainstorming exercises designed to bring us closer to understanding what possibilities we want to open to in light of where we have been, and where we are now.

4: Why am I Stuck? Working through Writer’s Block:  Tips to develop a regular writing practice that “writer’s block” can never destroy! We will practice techniques designed specifically to move us through writer’s block and the difficulties of crafting the perfect beginning to any story or narrative.

5: Writing as Motivation, Part I: The Power of Setting Intentions:  Explore the power of setting intentions for long-term goals and aspirations. Discuss how and why this works, write about wantings, and discuss the importance of key qualities of manifestation in the setting of aspirations and goals.

6: Writing as Motivation, Part II: The Power of Accountability:  This workshop is a continuation of last week’s “The Power of Setting Intentions.” However, if you were not here last week, we will get you up to speed, as we will begin with a quick review of goal/aspiration setting, and the significance of key qualities of manifestation in the setting of aspirations and goals. Then, we will develop our last week’s writings to include the specifics of reasons, timelines, and measurability, making a roadmap of what we’d like to unfold.

7: Collaborative Story-Telling: Working Through Separateness:  Explore the rich depth of shared storytelling in a fun, creative writing activity that will allow us to co-create some magic, while at the same time honoring how connected we are and how powerful our ability to overcome writer’s block is. In this community storytelling, the writing happens with speed, ease, and unpredictable fun. You will laugh until you cry, or cry until you laugh, depending on the magic of the evening!

8: Writing Life: The Transformative Power of the Written Word:  Reflect on the power of the word to create, exploring everything from creation myths that involve The Word to the power of a simple written or spoken word to transform the energy of water. Bring your own stories about the power of the word, how it changes, creates, builds, destroys. Then, we will draw, write, and share sacred space to honor the writing journey we have shared.

While the focus is on is non-fiction prose, fiction writers and poets are welcome as well. Already have a project you’re working on? Bring it, along with paper or an electronic device you like to use for writing.

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About Dana

Dana Reece (Prempal Kaur), Ph.D., RYT-200, Director of Kundalini Studies at the Soul of Yoga, holds advanced degrees in Writing, Literature, and Education. She is a college professor as well as being a 3HO, Kundalini Yoga Research Institute (KRI), and Yoga Alliance certified Kundalini Yoga Instructor; Yoga Alliance Teacher Trainer; in process to become a KRI Lead Teacher Trainer; and an Inner Space Technique (IST) Practitioner.

Dr. Reece has over 27 years’ experience in writing/coaching writers as well as almost 20 years’ experience in meditation and the practice of inner alchemical techniques designed to develop and strengthen the energetic body. She has completed graduate-level leadership training, taught dozens of college-level goal-setting workshops, and completed additional training with several masters of personal development, including Peter Drucker, Charles Givens, and Anthony Robbins. In addition to having taught hundreds of college classes as a full-time professor, she has taught public and private Kundalini Yoga classes and led and facilitated group meditations. Additionally, she has mentored numerous writers/aspiring writers in all phases of making time for, envisioning, organizing, and writing short stories, professional articles, Ph.D. dissertations, and both fiction and non-fiction books. She combines spiritual vision and practice with “real-world,” results-oriented practicality.

Dana Reece’s experience in these modalities combines compassion, humor, and a fiery determination to move clients and students through their self-imposed fears and limitations toward clarity and confidence to achieve their highest potential.

What People Are Saying….

“[Dana] is “kind, compassionate, trustworthy . . . extremely knowledgable . . . [She offered] suggestions that were out of the ordinary that I hadn’t thought of.” M.Mc.


“[Dana] brings a dedication that is hard to find — she is someone who I know will show up when I need her if she can. Again, she cares, she is genuine, she authentically wants transformation and the highest outcome for herself and those she works with . . . [She provides] honest reflection, willingness to kindly/with love point out the ways I limit myself or am stuck in my issues.” Sharon.L.

“Dana is very thorough, optimistic, and commits a lot of time on anything she wants to do . . . and her work was definitely inclusive of all those elements; more importantly, it was very healing, comforting on a very deep, subtle level. At the time I got healing sessions from Dana, I was wanting clarity and needing to clear the paths towards my highest good, and shortly after the sessions, I was quite clear on my path and I still am. Although the path has evolved much more, it certainly was and is the best choice I’ve made.” P.Chegu

“Dana is centered, grounded, caring, loving, open, excited for a challenge, has a love of life, deep expression and wisdom. Her continued support, love, and sincere caring as well as her inspiring me to be my fullest self, to break through barriers, to dare to push the edge of things and to stay aware and listen and find my true calling. She does not tell you what to do, but helps reflect back to me my state as well as often offer a wider perspective to look at things . . . . Dana is a knowledgeable, passionate, direct, clear, capable, sincere and caring person. I completely trust her to hold her intentions for your highest good, to put her fullest into the space for you, and to be open and compassionate yet direct when there is another direction you should go.” E.B.C.

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