When it comes to learning, we don’t often get what we think we came for. Let’s take college, for example. After teaching college classes for many years, I came to the conclusion that possession of a College Degree proves two things, regardless of major: that a person can multitask, and that a person can perform under pressure. Regardless of what you learned, or what you remember from college, if you have a college degree, these two things were almost inevitably transmitted to you. Moreover, if you look back, chances are good that whatever you got out of college, if you went, it was likely entirely different than what you thought you were going to get.

And when I think about what I originally came to yoga for, there, too, I did not get what I thought I came for. I was an athlete and a gym rat who was referred to yoga, in my mind, as some sort of punishment, because I kept injuring myself. I thought I came to yoga to heal physically. I didn’t realize how much mental healing was deeply needed; the part that drove me so hard, not only physically, but mentally, to achieve more and more: that was the part that needed to be healed. And yoga readily accommodated me, with patience and time.

If you know me now, you wouldn’t have even recognized me then. I squirmed in discomfort through “boring,” “useless” savasana before bouncing back to my 12 hour day. I was, in every possible way, a stress mess.

And now, so many years later, I have designed the 200 hour Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training with all of this in mind: that we don’t always get what we came for, and that we don’t always know what it is that we truly need. So the training has space built in for that to unfold in its own natural way.

At the same time, all of our teacher trainings at the Soul Of Yoga are filled with tons of valuable information, the best possible master teachers and trainers we can find, and so much heart.

We meet weekly to discuss the trainings, and how to make them even better. Trust me, so much heart.

If you decide to join us for the Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training. I can’t be certain what you walk away with, which parts you’ll remember, or what you’ll do with the information. But I can tell you that just like with your entire college degree, there are two things I am fairly certain you will walk away with, that I feel certain that you’ll be able to do:


  1. You’ll have a greater sense of agency, inclusive of a heightened ability to feel into your body more clearly, to trust its knowing, and to say no to what doesn’t work for you. If you know me, you know I am a big fan of no! Our ability to say, no, in fact, is what gives our yes the greatest value.
  2. You’ll be more clearly connected with your intuition, your inner sense of knowing. (This connects deeply with the first one, as we must be able to say no to what doesn’t fit for us in order for this knowing to come forward.)

You’ll no doubt learn many things beyond this, make friends that will be in your life from training onward, and have realizations that I could never predict, because life is like that sometimes. But no matter what happens, you’ll likely get something that you never knew or expected, something you didn’t know you came for.

Please join me for free meditation and information session:
Tuesday October 10th 5:00pm (Online – PST)

Learn more about the training here:
200 Hour Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training

And here’s a journal prompt to try on your own: think of an experience, whether a training, a relationship, a job, or otherwise, and compare what you originally thought you were going to get out of it, and what you thought the challenges would be, to the outcome: what ultimately did you learn from it? What were the things that felt like challenges that turned out to be great gifts?